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Field Services

Asymmetric’s Field Services team specializes in the deployment of technologies advanced by our Applied Development Team and/or outside partners through the phases of testing, installation, training, and support.



Asymmetric provides field support both inside and outside the continental United States installing, manning and maintaining different types of disruptive technologies.


Asymmetric excels in the testing environment providing guidance to create tests that reflect real world scenarios and capture usable data critical to the rapid fielding process.


Asymmetric creates and implements training programs that shape relationships between users and technology to maximize potential and create tools that have an impact.

Asymmetric has an extensive network of high-performing individuals that strive to transition concepts from laboratory to end user.

We are unwavering in our mission to aid in technology transition and our people understand the importance behind what we do. Our company knows that often the difference between success and failure can be attributed to excellent training and support with the end user in mind. 

The Field Services Team, partnering with the Applied Development Team, gives Asymmetric the competitive advantage of being able to take an end user through the entire process from concept to implementation.

U.S. Army Engineer Officer

The Asymmetric Technologies' FSRs did a great job at maintaining lines of communi­cation for future missions with the systems and provided feedback on troubleshooting maintenance issues we've had in keeping it in operation."


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