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UAS Flight Service Solutions

Efficient, Safe & Reliable

Fully Insured & FAA Compliant

Expertly Trained & Experienced

Specialized Energy & Defense Security Solutions


Asymmetric Technologies flight crews are comprised of highly skilled pilots and payload operators with years of experience in military and commercial unmanned aviation. Our mobile flight crews are coupled with a fleet of cutting edge UAS aircraft and sensor technologies, capable of providing solutions for your most challenging business requirements. We provide a wide range of commercial UAS flight services across several industries. Our flight crews are fully mobile - deploying to customer locations throughout the nation.

UAS has proven itself a valuable asset in efforts to inspect and maintain critical infrastructure and key resources. Integration of unmanned technology into your operational landscape helps reduce costs, improves maintenance cycles and operations, and limits personnel exposure to hazards–all while providing decision quality data that remains at your fingertips.

UAS Services

Conduct inspections
& surveys in the most challenging environments
Mitigate hazards and enhance workplace safety
Reduce man-hours and lost revenue incurred by traditional inspection methods
Catalogue and store data for ease of access – or stream flight data for use in real-time
We provide multiple UAS capabilities
& deliverables including:
  • Commercial Infrastructure Inspection

  • Confined & Hazardous Space Inspection

  • Thermal Imaging & Analysis

  • Survey, Mapping & 3d Modeling

  • LiDAR Scanning

  • Cinematography & Marketing Imagery

  • Volumetric Surveys

  • Emergency Response & Post-Damage Assessment

  • Program Management & Consulting

  • UAS Training & Fleet Management


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