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Technology Transfer


Asymmetric Technologies' FSRs ability to interact with all levels of the chain of command from junior enlisted to senior BN staff officers have allowed them to create professional relationships that allow for great working relationships with those they deal with and I see those benefits on a daily basis."

Who We Are

Asymmetric Technologies is a group of experts in the rapid technology transitioning process.  We are a team of seasoned professionals, engineers, and technicians, who have consistently excelled at the rapid fielding of new technology. 


We are agile, deliberate, and we understand how to effectively integrate and transition new technology in the current operational environment.

Our Story


The ever-changing environment of today demands rapid and agile adaptation of technology to meet emerging asymmetric and conventional threats. 


Asymmetric Technologies provides the means to achieve that adaptation; fielding the latest product innovations, providing rapid integration, and training personnel to effectively employ those technologies in a tactically sound manner. 


Asymmetric Technologies can assist you in all elements of your technology commercialization or provide just a few unique individuals to assist your integration and training efforts in the field. 

We provide expertise using cleared and reliable former government and non-government operators, engineers, researchers and technicians who come from all aspects of the U.S. Government and academia.


Asymmetric Technologies employees range from former Special Forces Operators to federal government system integrators with recent and relevant experience. Our exclusive approach effectively supports your organization with a tailored mix of skill sets. 

As a small, agile, veteran-owned business we will not take on a project that we are not uniquely qualified to perform. Our size, agility, and dexterity allow us that ability to rapidly meet your unique requirements and significantly reduce and control your risk.

Government COR, ERDC, Vicksburg, MS

Asymmetric Technologies' FSRs did not just impress me; 
they impressed everyone they came in contact with.

Our Commitment to Veterans


We're not just committed to veterans—we are veterans. Asymmetric Technologies is a Veteran-Owned Small Business. We selectively recruit only the most talented veterans and former DoD employees who possess technical skills and field experience relevant to our work.

Asymmetric Technologies proudly supports The Overwatch Partnership, Disabled American Veterans, HillVets, and the Association of the United States Army.


Our people are our greatest asset. They routinely go above and beyond to support the needs of our customers. We take great pride in supporting every team member in the field or in our home offices. With employees deployed to some of the world's most dangerous places, we owe them an unwavering commitment to provide the absolute best support possible so that they can complete the mission.


We are trusted to support our military service members and the men and women serving in government agencies. We take this responsibility seriously and are honored to help our nation win the toughest battles and solve the most critical problems. We value the sacrifices made by these professionals, and won't let them down


Whether it's a government agency, research laboratory, or commercial vendor, Asymmetric Technologies is here to help our customers succeed. We are your partners in delivering valued service and technology to the people who count on us.

Our Values


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