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Why Us?


No "regular jobs"—just special assignments for the very best. We're looking for the truly exceptional. Leaders by nature. Confident. Resilient. Mission driven. Proud of their work because they do it superbly well. These are the people — the only people— Asymmetric Technologies will consider. 


Because we're not just a group of contractors. We're an agile, responsive and elite team of experts and warriors committed to America's safety and security. Joining our ranks doesn't merely mean you have a cool job. It means an absolute dedication to the men and women employing the state of the art technology they need, for any situation, anywhere in the world.


Whether it's developing unique security applications, monitoring specialized equipment, force protection measures, or enhanced protection of your critical assets, Asymmetric associates provide expert technical assistance and full spectrum embedded support to end users.


You'll often receive training with an official government laboratory for optimal product integration and operationalization. You'll develop products that make a direct impact on day-to-day operations for a multitude of clients. You'll train, certify, and advise all levels of leadership on product capabilities, limitations, TTPs, maintenance, and requisition. You're there to ensure that the end-users can properly utilize a new technology, and that leaders know how to employ it.


Since we expect outstanding performance from you, we expect to reward you with outstanding compensation.


Maybe you know someone who fits the AT profile: a self starting, combat proven professional with a personal style that inspires trust. Maybe you've worked with a technical expert or inspiring leader (civilian, government or otherwise) who is looking for the next challenge. If so, don't let him or her slide into an ordinary contracting job. Let them join a close-knit group of elite professionals.

At Asymmetric Technologies, we pride ourselves on creating a work environment where amazing men and women can serve their country, provide a good life for their families, and enjoy the exceptional camaraderie of other people who "get it". 

Engineering Technician, ERDC, Vicksburg, MS

Asymmetric Technologies' employees are 'spot on' personally and professionally."


Contact us by phone, email, or via our social media channels.​

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